Landing on shore
Find every location on the island of Martha?s Vineyard (?Amity?), and match each scene to the nearest frame, 30 years after the original movie had been shot.  May 2004.http://www.mvtimes.com/http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amity_Islandshapeimage_2_link_0shapeimage_2_link_1
The mission:
Take the slide show!!!
Beach Fence
Certainly not the original.  A lot?s changed in 25 years.
Driving to work.
On the way to Aquinnah lighthouse
The Brody House.
Renovated, but still standing on Beach Road, near the Lagoon pond.
Chrissie?s body washes up.
Possibly the location on South Beach.
Man on a mission.
A lonely street in Edgartown.
The Gazette.
Near Main Street, Edgartown.
Almost run over in the intersection.
Near Main Street.
Beach Signs.
Same intersection.
The Ferry.
Chappquiddick Ferry.
Oak Bluffs Beach.
Town Meeting.
The original round table.
Quint?s exit.
The town hall, literally.
Hooper arrives.
Note the matching dock in center.
Matching backgrounds.
Tangled boats.
This was shot off the water (on a boat).  But notice the matching stone ground.
Overloading that boat.
Again, matching backgrounds.
Gotta close the beaches.
The Hooper Rock.
No one?s in the water.
Oak Bluff?s beach.
Shark enters the pond.
The shark!
Chief on the right, shark on the left.
Famous Oak Bluff?s bride connecting the Sengkontacket Pond.
Inside Quint?s shack.
The site where the temporary shack was built.  Match the house on the left with the previous image.
Electric toothbrush!
Notice this same boat in the previous shot.
Heading out to sea.
Famous Menemsha harbor.
When in town, try the Kitner Burger
Look for original signs down main street shops.
The Orca II, what?s left of it, rotting away in Menemsha harbor.
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