I don’t know anyone who was more earnest, sincere, and of pure heart than Nicole Flaten.  My very close friend died during a hiking trip on Saturday, February 2nd.  Apparently she had fallen into an ice chute, descending nearly 1000 feet while hiking at Mt. Wilson.  (Grim details can be found here and a video blurb on NBC here.)
I always valued my time together with Nicole.  She was my tennis partner, my hiking buddy, and my sushi accomplice. No one was more deserved of love and happiness.  Her spiritual nature had enriched my life by reminding me of the values of compassion.  She will always remain a symbol of high virtue that will continue to guide me throughout my life.
Always adventurous, unfailingly fun, and infinitely compassionate... Nicole will be sorely missed by everyone who knew her.
Nicole's parents, Leota and Paul Flaten, and her brother Erik, held a memorial service on Saturday, February 16 at 12:30 PM in the Brentwood Presbyterian Church Sanctuary.